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Summary/Excerpt Translations

Since 2000, SLBT has prepared thousands of summary/excerpt translations (the latter being a complete translation, albeit only of client-relevant information) of lengthy documents. Often times, the entire content of the document is not needed, which allows for omission of less-relevant “boilerplate” provisions and focus on more-pertinent client-related information.

Some examples of documents that lend themselves to summary/excerpt translations include:

  • Lengthy notarial deeds used to form and amend companies and undertake other corporate changes;
  • Contracts, agreements and other documents with substantial amounts of “boilerplate” language;
  • Bank statements and financial documents; and
  • Legal and arbitration decisions.

For these reasons, summary/excerpt translations are both significantly cheaper and faster than a complete translation.  At the same time, it is always a good idea to ask the recipient in advance whether that type of translation is acceptable.

To see an example of sample summary translations with redacted client information, click here.